Designer Whey 1.9lb Va Alm Vanilla Almond

Designer Whey 1.9lb Va Alm Vanilla Almond
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Model: 0310026
Manufacturer: Designer Whey
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18g Protein
Only 100 delicious calories
Added B-Vitamins to help covert protein into useable energy*
Added Glutamine the most abundant amino acid found in muscle
Added Calcium Zinc Magnesium Taurine and Leucine


APT-Full Spectrum Whey Peptides {modified molecular weight and partially pre-digested (hydrolyzed) Whey Protein Concentrate (incl. ~14% glycomacropeptides {MW ~6700D} 100% non-denatured Whey Protein Isolate (98% pure protein dry basis) Whey GlutamineP eptides (incl. natural glutamine peptides) L-taurine L-leucine L-phenylalanine} cocoa Glutasynth (D-Glucose L-glutamine
oligofructose glutamine peptides) natural and artificial chocolate flavoring Lecithin
ZinMag-6 (magnesium oxide m agnesium aspartate zinc aspartate pyridoxine)
cellulose gum xanthan gum sodium alginate sodium chloride acesulfame-K
sucralose dried cream extract vanillin natural vitamin E lactoperoxidase.
Does Not Contain:
Casein caseinate 97% Lactose Free
Gluten Free


Quick: Add 1 scoop to 5 oz. of water. Blend. Add 1-2 ice cubes. Blend. Enjoy.
Quicker: Fill shaker with 5 oz. of water. Add 1 scoop. Shake. Enjoy.
Quickest: Add 1 scoop to 5 oz. of water and stir with a spoon. Enjoy.


Contains Milk and Soy Products

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