Yeah Bar 12/85g Co Carm Cookie Caramel Crunch

Yeah Bar 12/85g Co Carm Cookie Caramel Crunch
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Maybe that's hard for you to swallow. After all, you've bit on this kind of hype before and chewed your way through dozens of nutrition bars. What you remember is the texture and a bitter aftertaste. Well, those days are over. Now there's one health bar that tastes so good, you'll swear it's bad for you. No kidding. It's that good. Oh Yeah! Bars are jam packed with protein and loaded with roasted peanuts. After all that it's drizzled with soft caramel and surrounded by creamy milk chocolate. One bite and you'll understand how the bar got it's name! Oh Yeah!


Protein Blend[( Oh Yeah!Blend Consisiting Of Whey Protein Isolate Soy Protein Isolate Milk Protein Isolate Milk Protein Concentrate Calcium Caseinate) Hydrolyzed Gelatin] Chocolate Coating(Maltitol Palm Kernel Oil Whey Protein Concentrate Sugar Cocoa Powder Soy Lecithin Vanillin) Chocolate Cookie Pieces (Wheat Flour Sugar Soybean And/or Cottonseed Oil Cocoa Processed With Alkali Salt And Sodium Bicarbonate) Soy Nuts Caramel (Sugar Corn Syrup Nonfat DryMilk Maltitol Syrup Cocoa Butter Corn Starch Butter Sucralose Soy Lecithin Natural And Artificial Flavors) Glycerine Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil Canola Oil Soy Lecithin Natural And Artificial Flavor Salt Sucralose Acesulfame Potassium (An Artificial Sweetener) And Potassium Sorbate Added As A Preservative.



Allergy Alert: This Product Contains Peanuts Milk And Soy And Is Produced In A Facility That Processes Soy Dairy Egg And Wheat Ingredients Peantus And Tree Nuts.

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