Glutamend 630g

Glutamend 630g
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Manufacturer: Fusion Bodybuilding
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-Repairing your muscles
-Helping maximize muscle function
- Supporting a positive nitrogen balance
- Boosting your immune system
- Enhancing your digestion
- Strengthening your bones


Muscle Funciton Complex:
Calcium carbonate [39% mineral content yeilding 69 mg elemental calcium] 6.90%
Magnesium citrate [30% mineral content yeilding 21 mg elemental magnesium] 5%
Absorption Initiator:
Bioperine Piper nigrum(Black Pepper) (fruit)
[Standardized for 95% piperine]


The first scoop should be taken first thing in the morning before breakfast. Then take another serving before and after you work out and finally take the last serving before bed


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